Mumbai39 is a digital marketplace for the entrepreneurs
to sell their valuable products/ goods to the consumers.
it is also a different platform to buy the products/ goods.
mumbai39 expedites to aid the consumers to buy the
products/goods and to help the entrepreneurs to grow
and expand their business.it strives hard to lead with
their guiding principles and to help spread ideas and
responsibilities whose impact can reach far beyond the business.

Online Shopping, Online marketplace


Budget, team and limited
resources in general, anonymity and the need to create
awareness, sometimes the need to educate the market and
the need to generate sales opportunities – these are just
some of the challenges faced by startup businesses. In this
context, the process and the marketing approach applied by
startups has at least some particularities often addressed
in the marketing literature and certainly “lived” by many
organizations in the early stages of their existence.
Mumbai39 faced challenges based on advertising promotion.
This was the main challenge which was hurled by Infinite startup
from the existence.


Infinite startup promoted Mumbia39 on digital platform by means of digital marketing.
we created its digital environment when it was lacking it.


Presently mumbia39 is one of the growing e-commerce
website which has created a space for its existance
in the hearts of people of Mumbia.