Haneul Publications is a registered and experienced self publishing company with the aim to give the writers a better platform. With an entire dedicated team of 100 + people, Haneul Publications aims to make sure that the dreams get converted to a beautiful reality. They have professional designers who work day and night to make the book covers look exactly as dreamt. They have editors who make sure that the book of dreams is almost error free and clean. Plus they have whole digital marketing team dedicated to spread the books to million ears. They have their own transport team who make sure that the books can be transported to any place in India.

Publishing House



It’s easy to forget that 90% of startups fail, especially when you’re an entrepreneur. Part of the job description is keeping your eyes ahead of you and not giving up, but you’ll get to a stage of company development when you start to get existential threats hurled at you constantly. Keeping afloat in those moments of crises requires a strong mind, and adaptive and practical decision-making skills, which are greatly enhanced by awareness of the challenges you might face.
As every startup face challenges ,Haneul publications faced challenges based infrastructure ,funding, and its promotion i.e advertising. These challenges were holding back the implementation and establishment of Haneul Publication. We ,The Infinite startup acted as backbone to the Haneul Publications and provided them solutions to every challenge.


Infinite startup pushed Haneul publications to get implemented and achieve success by vanishing all of its challenges .Where Haneul publications needed infrastructure support ,Infinite startup provided it. We did seed funding for it to bring it into existence. Once it was established, Infinite startup promoted it by doing its Digital marketing. We are still acting as a shield for Haneul pubilcation against its challenges and problems.


Presently Haneul publications publishes 100 books per month. Haneul is leading towards success day by day and soon it will be one of the renowned startup.