A way to bond, it is a great interface to make friends
whether it’s a meet, a Date, a business meeting or a party.
Its hope to give you an open space for group conversations
or individual conversations where everyone comes together
find your support and get going no matter where you are,
connect with your friends in your area our aim is to help
you to connect with the people.

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Online App


Just as the world is not small, same in the case of
mobile apps. You have plenty of things to choose
before starting. Remember, it is important for any
business to commence on the right foot. There are
numerous development frameworks and platforms to
choose from. Sometimes it becomes difficult for developers
to choose the right option. Right from the beginning you
need to be sure about your developmental approach and also
need to set development timelines.
Heytalk faced challenges based on development.

Another challenge faced for building application is money .
It is very important to have a fair idea of the overall
cost associated with your mobile app. It is not a onetime
investment. Your app needs money for any future value addition.

If you are not a technical person, you need extensive market
research before finalizing your app developer. Remember,
Quality matters. It is not about you just need a mobile app
for your business, you need a successful mobile app, and
quality work should top the priority list.
heytalk faced challenges based on advertising promotion.


Infinite startup create website and mobile application
for heytalk.It provides funding for building mobile
applications. infinite startup promoted heytalk on digital
platform by means of digital marketing.we created
its digital environment.


Heytalk is one of the growing chatting application
for making friends which has created a
space for its existance in the hearts of people of