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what is Infinite startup?

Infinite startup is an open platform for all trades and activities to facilitate startups from initial setup to its growth and branding.

Who can join Infinite Startup?

Anyone who have the caliber to innovate ideas, have mastery of new technologies, attainability of more funds, vacancy of infrastructure and advisors of  tackling the situations.

What are the benefits of joining with Infinite startup?

There are a number of benefits one can receive with infinite startup. Nevertheless, in order to avail these benefits, one needs to join us.
The benefits may be that one can be the co-founder in the new or existing startups or one can get the equities while sitting at home.

How do I know my registration is complete?

Once the registration is done, the company will call you personally and establish a meetup .based on that one will be approved and rejected.

Who Are the Founders and Do I Believe in Their Vision?

Mr Sameer Ahsan shah is the founder of infinite startup, who is a performer & solutions-driven executive with 21 years of consistent
achievements in business management, technology, operations & business development. They believe in growth and acceleration.

What is the difference between an accelerator and an incubator?

Startup incubators are typically institutions that help entrepreneurs by developing their business, especially in the initial stages.
Incubation function is usually carried out by institutions who have experience in the business and the tech world.

Startup accelerators support early-stage, growth-driven companies. These programmes usually have a timeframe in which individual companies spend anywhere
between a few weeks and a few months working with a group of mentors who are educated and may also provide financial help.

What Are the Company’s Values?

Our values are Confidence, Communication, Leadership, Assume Responsibility, Proactive Initiator, Negotiation Skills, Learning skills , Technical Skills, Management skills & Marketing/Selling. We connect with our clients, our communities, and our company. It makes us different. It makes us better.

What are company's vision and mission?

Our Mission
To invest our efforts in building, nurturing and growing the startup ecosystem, we aspire to generate values for startups through our programs.
Our Vision
To provide a platform to those who have resources and want to establish a business. Or who have extra resources but don’t know where to invest.
It will provide jobs to those who have technology.

Can an existing entity register itself as a “Startup” on the Infinite Startup Portal?

Yes, as per the law an existing entity can register itself as a startup, provided that it meets the prescribed criteria for a startup.
They will also be able to avail various benefits that are available to startups.

Is the Market Opportunity Big for Infinite Startup?

Yes, there is big market opportunity as we have versatile youth who wants to start there own imitative, caliber to develop new society.

How To turn An Idea Into life?

It is important before you start to make sure the idea that starts as an abstract concept is turned into something more concrete.
There is a distinct difference between “I’m going to set up an online business” and “I am going to set up an online business selling vintage clothes to students.”
A good marker is,
“If my idea was in front of a video camera what specifically would people be seeing?

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